Premier Mortgaging & Housing (Pvt) Ltd.

We sale houses and stands on mortgage to variuos economic classes comprising of high income and low income earners,
premium residential, industrial properties and sustainable energy use solutions covering the greater Zimbabwe area as well as the SADC region & beyond.

"We put people into homes!"

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About Us

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Premier Mortgaging & Housing P/L is a regional player in complex large-scale infrastructure development sector.

Our experience ranges from mortgaging & Housing, construction of dams and hydroelectric plants and water infrastructures, to building roads and motorways and underground works, civil engineering for waste-to-energy plants, public and industrial constructions, hospitals, environmental protection initiatives and the restoration of historic buildings.

Our Vision

Our vision statement can be encapsulated in our corporate philosophy and motto of "We put people into homes!" To envision, design and construct the most magnificent landmarks and edifices;

to contribute tangibly in regional and national development by way of key infrastructure projects, and to protect and preserve the environment we live in.

At the end of the day, our vision is about putting people into homes and to live in them eternally;

to transform and uplift quality of living and lifestyles of each and every individual that comes in contact with us.

Our Mission

Committed to put people into homes.

* To cater to the real needs of a growing population.

* To set standards and improve our environment.

* Offer a wide portfolio of international quality products that cater to different markets and segments.

* To deliver value for money and excellent investment returns.

* Take customer relationships and customer satisfaction to new levels

* To focus on strategic growth.

* Evolve contemporary benchmarks in construction and marketing practices.

Our Core Values

Excellence: We strive for excellence in quality, and we continuously innovate, utilizing advanced technologies.

Teamwork: We insist on mutual respect, cooperation and mutual encouragement to achieve each individual’s potential.

Integrity: We act with reliability, honesty and fairness.

Commitment: We are fully dedicated to delivering our objectives through the most efficient use of resources.

Sustainability: We are committed to safeguarding all stakeholders, including especially the health and safety of our employees, society as a whole and the environment.

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Housing: The core of Premier Mortgaging & Housing P/L’s business remains housing and more specifically Mortgaging & Housing. We have extensive experience in all areas of...

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Mortgages And Building Materials Credit Facility: Our Building Materials Credit Facility is offered, not only to clients that have bought stands from or through us...

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Construction Engineering Management: Today’s construction environment is fraught with risk: financial risk, certainly, but also project quality and legal liability...

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Civil Engineering Services: Premier Mortgaging & Housing have the expertise to provide a wide range of civil engineering services from Municipal Engineering and Planning...

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Water Solutions: Government estimates that upwards of 60% treated water is lost annually due to water leaks. In order to address the ever growing water crisis,...

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Roads & Transportation Engineering: New and existing road networks necessitate the correct balance between capital expenditure and maintenance interventions...

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Infrastructure Development: Premier Mortgaging & Housing P/L Infrastructure Development Division, prides itself on delivering high quality multi-disciplinary engineering...

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Building: At Premier Mortgaging & Housing P/L we provide a comprehensive building service which is delivered through our national teams to national...

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Engineering Management

Increased competition requires shorter project lead times and a reduction in cost structures. Riskier business environments require...

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Industrial Civil Engineering

Industrial civil engineering requires unique solutions that may have to address vibration, chemical resistance, corrosion, handling of solid...

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Structural Engineering

Our wealth of experience in structural analysis and design ensures versatility and efficiency in the use of steel, concrete, masonry and composite...

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Property Development

On a limited and selective basis we develop properties for our own and/or client’s account. This incorporates all of the aspects as outlined under...

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Plant Equipment & Machinery Hire Services

Our extensive in-house fleet of plant and equipment can be mobilized efficiently...

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Renewable Energy Solutions

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Our Team


Frank Katsande


Frank is backed by over 25 years experience in the building industry and now leads Premier Mortgaging & Housing P/L. He is well-respected in the building industry, demonstrated through the strong relationships he has established with architects and with his satisfied clients. His proven skill and success is represented by the Registered Master Builder House of the Year accolades he has received for his work.


Vincent James

Land Development

Vincent, worked for a major construction firm in Zimbabwe from 2002 to 2018. There he began his career as a projects manager working on large scale infrastructural projects and after just three years, he rose to the rank of project director, where he specialized in advanced construction technology. Since then he has completed over twenty residential projects ranging from renovations (alterations and additions) to existing homes.


Evans Bafana

IT, Sales & Marketing

Through continued hard work and dedication to personal professionalism, Evans has secured invaluable expertise in multiple roles and sectors within the construction and real estate industry. With this broad range of experience, it offers Premier Mortgaging & Housing P/L numerous advantages over our competitors. Beginning his career as a young designer, Evans quickly advanced to greater responsibilities across multiple roles attaining a strong foundation in construction acumen.


Eng. Brian Masakure

Water Reticulation & Energy

Brian is an experienced engineer & entrepreneur who was attracted to the renewable energy space in 2007. Since graduating from National University of Science & Technology (Nust Zim), Brian has gained over 20 years of solid business experience with many Global leaders.has also been an active property investor. His interests include a large portfolio of residential units throughout SADC & beyond. Brian’s strengths include deal closing, negotiating and the ability to always find a solution.

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